The Success 101 Podcast

cover170x170I’m posting about another podcast intro I did for a client. I really enjoy working with podcast clients. There are so many podcasts, with a myriad of topics and styles, to suit everyone’s individual taste. The biggest challenge in producing podcast music is to get “tuned in” to the vibe of each one, so that I can deliver the goods in a way that pleases the client.

This time, I worked with Jarrod Warren of the Success 101 Podcast. As I always do with clients, we had a detailed conversation about what he wanted it to sound like, and he gave me several specific examples of the music he liked, what he had been using, and other sonic elements he liked from other sources.

After a few revisions, here is what we ended up with:

Jarrod was very happy with the result, and gracious: “Awesome! We (you) did it! Love it! The tracks sound great. Thanks again for all your help.”

Check out Jarrod’s Success 101 podcast, on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Do you have a podcast? Does it a need some custom music or an intro? Contact me, and we can get the ball rolling.

The Rewild Yourself Podcast

ReWildYourselfPodcastI’ve known Daniel Vitalis for several years now, and have been interested in his work combining health strategies with a (quite pagan, from where I stand!) philosophy based in the elements. Recently he asked me to help him both with consultations to improve the audio quality of his ReWild Yourself podcast, as well as to produce a new intro for the podcasts. So he upgraded both his equipment and his recording space with some room treatments, and after extensive conversations I put together an intro. This is the result:

One thing about Daniel’s work is that it inspires multifaceted intentions, which all work together in a coherent unity. As such, there are a lot of layers to this intro. All the sounds you hear were recorded by me, usually out in the woods, including the sound of Cooper Spring, a Barred Owl behind my home, and a campfire in the woods.Then the music starts, which contains two large, tribal drums I’ve recorded and several synthesizer parts I played. Then, you can hear Daniel’s voice doing the intro and the tagline, with the sound of a Maine thunderstorm closing it out. All these sounds work together perfectly for a podcast about rewilding — Daniel pointed out to me that these are wild foraged recordings! I got a big kick out of that.

Working with Daniel & his team was also great. They had a clear idea of what would — and would not — work for them and were communicative. In the end, they were kind enough to say: “James, these are amazing!! We love the final versions so much!!! Thanks so much again for all of your hard work on this project. It was fun to work with you!”

So check out The ReWild Yourself Podcast for yourself, starting with episode #79, and let me know if you need help with your podcast.