Audiogeek Services

I have more than 30 years of experience as an audiogeek. I can help all aspects of recording and audio/music production, from engineering tracking sessions, to mixing, to mastering. I can also help with restoration of audio, and producing anything from full albums to short podcast/show intros or commercial spots.

In addition, I offer consulting services to help you get the most out of your setup for whatever you are doing. This can include advice on equipment purchases, studio design/room acoustics and treatment advice, or even basic pointers on recording, mixing, or mastering audio. Or even if you aren’t producing music but are an audiophile with a listening room, or a home theater enthusiast, I can help with that too.

There are many examples of my work in the blog section of this site. You can also click on the Clients category to see most of them.

Contact me if you have a recording project you’d like to discuss, especially if it doesn’t fit in to these more common services:

Mix a Song
$150 (click to order)

Mixing a song is where I take all the separate tracks you have (for instance, vocals, guitar, drums, bass, etc) and mix them down to a coherent and musical stereo file that sounds great and is playable anywhere. My #1 guiding principle for mixing is always musicality, being true to the arrangement and the emotion of a song, so that the clarity and impact of the recording comes through. For most songs, loosely defined as a recording of 6-30 tracks that lasts about 3-7 minutes in length, I charge $150 for a mix, since that usually takes about a half-day of work. If your song is a progressive rock epic 40 minute excursion (yay! I love this stuff), or if you have 100+ tracks to mix, contact me and we’ll work out a fair rate. Also, this standard rate assumes that the song is ready to mix, and does not require a lot of editing or sorting (for instance, if your vocal take is scattered over a half dozen tracks). If this is the case there will likely be extra time (and expense) involved.

Master an Album
$300 (click to order)

Mastering is the last stage prior to release, but rather than mixing all the tracks into a finished song, we are taking all the finished songs into a coherent album. It also usually involves some final tweaking and massaging of the songs, to make sure they sound good, musical, and consistent with one another both in terms of tonality and volume. Upon completion, I provide final digital tracks, as well as all the files needed for CD manufacture if you are going that route. If you are looking to master for vinyl release, I am probably not the right person for the job. Note that by “album” I mean a collection of 6-15 songs with a total run length of 35-75 minutes.

Master an EP
$150 (click to order)

This is the same process as above (mastering an album) but is for shorter recordings, ie, 2-5 songs with a total run length of 15-35 minutes.

Recording Session
$150 (click to order)

A recording session is where we get together and track musical performances or other sounds, using microphones. A typical session involves me being onsite for about 4 hours, including perhaps an hour of setup time and getting good sounds, another hour for teardown, with 2-3 hours in between for actual recording. This rate is for my services, including remote recordings. I have the capability to arrive on location and record up to 16 tracks, each with its own microphone, at once, which is usually enough for a full-band recording (vocals, drums, bass, and several guitars and/or keyboards, or other ensembles). Often I will visit a clients’ rehearsal space to record there. Other times we can go to other studios or nice-sounding rooms to record (note that this option probably incurs additional charges, usually paid directly to the facility in question). There are a few rooms near me I love to work in, or I can come to a facility you prefer and do the engineering. At the conclusion of the recording session, I will either keep the tracks for further production and mixing, or I will provide consolidated WAV files after the session for you to do with as you will.  Note that sessions further than an hour’s travel from Portland, Maine will incur additional travel expenses.

1 Hour Skype Consultation
$75 (click to order)

This is a great option for DIY audiogeeks still learning the craft, or for people who are just getting started. It can include mixing advice, gear recommendations, acoustic design for getting the most out of your studio workspace, or really whatever you want to talk about.

Critique Mixes
$75 (click to order)

If you don’t want to hire me to mix a song or a project for you, this is a way to get some guidance and feedback for mixing something yourself. Your investment gets you an hour of my time to listen to your mix, and provide detailed feedback either by email or via telephone or skype. An hour gives me enough time to go in depth for just one song, or to give a general overview for several songs or a longer recording.

Create a Podcast Intro or a Commercial Spot
$300 (click to order)

I have been doing more and more of these as of late. It usually entails producing a 30 second piece of audio that is very focused with specific content to introduce a show or a product. I will work closely with you to match the result as closely as possible to what you need, both technically and stylistically.

Contact Me

If your audio project doesn’t quite fit into the above common categories, then contact me to talk about your project and we can come up with the best way to move things forward.