almost enclosed

The shed is now almost completely enclosed. Here is the only portion still awaiting siding:


I also installed a trimboard between the existing garage and the new shed. Eventually these 2 wood tones will get closer as the new wood ages:


Here’s more of the trim work, getting all the angles right from the two pitched slopes is tricky:


Here’s the trim board I put at the corner:


And, here’s a full view of the shed as it is now:


Next step is to add that last piece of siding, do the trim at the rear of the shed. Then I can build the doors, and install the shelves.

shed nearing completion

 The storage shed is nearing completion. Roof is done (thanks Matthew!), most of the siding is up, only some trim remains. After I finish the trim, all that’s left is to build the door, and build the shelves inside the shed. Then I can move all the crap from the garage in and get electricity into the garage. My goal is to have this done before winter kicks in, so I can work on the actual studio itself over the winter.

Here are pics:


^^ Front view. Only half of the door is cut out, I still have to trim away much of the wood siding to expose the other half of the door.


^^ Corner view, with the longest dimension of siding visible.


An overall view. The shed is 8×16, the garage is 12×20. Yep. This will be a cozy studio, barely big enough to get a full band inside.


^^ Here’s the seam where the new siding meets the aged siding of the garage. As the shed ages, this should get closer to a match.


^^ Still plenty of trim work to do, including the soffits to cover the joists.