Walls taking shape

Today was very strange, almost supernaturally so. It was extremely bright outside; when I went to investigate there was this large, yellow, fiery ball in the sky. It was frightening actually; I could feel the heat from its fire. I do hope we aren’t doomed to combust in a cosmic fireball from the gods….

Anyway, I used the abrupt and dramatic change in weather today to begin the wall framing. I’m about 3/4 done with the wall framing:



The studs are 24″OC, since it’s a shed. Not gonna worry too much about it.

The wall frames are 6’6″ tall (don’t wanna bump me head….), which allows for a very small slope on the roof. I may have to keep an eye on the snowfall during the winter, and roofrake the snow off it.

All the frames you see there are attached together, but not yet attached to the deck.

I have to pick up another 10 2x4s early this week, and build the last remaining wall. This wall will be more complex because it will have a doorway.

Progress is good….

3 weeks of rain

Three weeks since the last update, eh? That’ll learn me. In the ensuing three weeks since then, there has been LOTS of rain so I haven’t been able to work. Also my parents were in town, my daughter had a birthday and a dance recital (and associated parties)… lots of things going on socially.

But it finally stopped raining long enough for me to get more done today. I finished installing all the floorboards.


One thing I forgot to account for. All the subflooring, joists, and the beams are made of rough cut hemlock. Since they are rough cut, they are larger than the listed weight. The beams, and the front joist beam are both 16’3″ long. But, when I ordered the finished floorboards, I ordered 8′ boards. 2 together means the floorboards are 3″ short. No problem, I also have some 12′ floorboards for the treehouse, so I used one on the edge:


I thought about just waiting for the framing and putting the 2×4 right on the joists, but decided against it simply for consistency.

Also, you’ll notice in the first photo above that the floorboard closest to the garage door is at an angle. I had meant to leave it until I had the doorway cut in, but decided at the last minute to hammer it into place (tight fit between the garage) and fastened it down with screws. Exactly 800 screws later, they’re all in.


Next up: wall framing.